What is Hub Media?

Now that you’ve found us, who or what is Hub Media?

Hub Media corporate is a communications agency that builds B2B presentations for some of the world’s most famous consumer brands.

If you’re a brand manager looking to garner support from your team for a particular project; or a marketing director wanting to impress a key client with your company’s credentials; or an R & D scientist needing to deliver a high-tech message to a low-tech audience; we’re the people you need to speak to.

So you're a production company?

Well, we’re not simply a video production company.

... although we do make great films!

Just tell us a little about your project and the audience you’ll be communicating with……and leave the rest to us.

We can tidy up and premiumise your Powerpoint deck; capture and source all the imagery and stock video footage you might need to fill in the blanks; and integrate all of these visual assets into a presentation which is guaranteed to blow their socks off!!

So you do motion graphics?

We’re not simply a motion graphics company.

... although we can animate graphics in both 2 and 3-D!

Click on a few of the videos below to see examples of our work (the ones that aren’t protected by NDA’s !); and check out some of our case studies under the Solutions tab.

Then get in touch so that we can show you why hub media is the only digital communications agency that you’ll ever need!!